Our crash test dummies do a lot of work to make sure MINI drivers can have the safest fun on the road. Rigorous testing ensures that passengers and pedestrians are equally protected by the most sophisticated safety features available. With active and passive systems working in sync.

Assistant Systems.

Who said a safe drive had to be boring? At MINI, we think you have more fun on a new adventure if you know you’re secure. The optional Driving Assistant system provides you with features. And you’ll find other optional safety features onboard a MINI that combine not only to protect but also to improve the world-famous MINI go-kart handling experience. Head Up display or Rear view camera do the hard work in your favour, so you can have all the fun.

Rigid chassis.

The body structure of a MINI is rigid, but collapsible – essential for absorbing impact. It shields you at all times in the case of impact from the front, rear and side, or if the car rolls over. Using high tension steel, optimized for weight and rigidity, your MINI retains a sporty feel to the drive. Reducing body torque, making that super-tight handling even sharper.

Advanced Braking.

Advanced braking technology gives you total control over your MINI.

Anti-lock braking.

Latest-generation, four-sensor, anti-lock brakes allow you to stop quickly even on slippery roads.


Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD).

Automatically distributes braking force between wheels to suit the driving conditions, as well as your MINI’s current weight distribution.


Cornering Brake Control (CBC).

Taken a turn a little too quickly? CBC improves stability on cornering at speed.


Brake Assist.

Helps you stop faster in emergency situations, by speeding up the process and minimising the braking distance.

Three levels of control.

Three different driving modes have been engineered to keep you safe at all times, while allowing you as much (or as little) control as you want.

Safe to the core.

From technology-intelligent headlights and airbags, to tyres that keep running even when flat, your MINI is ready to protect you at all times. Take a tour of more safety highlights.

Hungry for more?

Discover more about MINI safety, including features tailored specifically to individual models.