MINI loan financing. It’s yours for the taking.

MINI loan financing.


At MINI we like to put you in the driver’s seat from the start. If you want to own your MINI, or at least have the option to own it, we’ve a finance product that’s just right for you.

MINI 360° Plan
MINI 360° Plan.

In the interest of staying interesting, things change, you change. Whichever direction you decide to take, MINI 360° gives you the freedom to drive a new MINI every three years.

Simply select a deposit, tailor your monthly payments by selecting your number of instalments and how far you plan on travelling, and we will work out your MINI’s Assured Buyback Value. This is your optional final payment, protecting you from unexpected depreciation.


 At the end of your finance contract you will have the following options:


- Trade-in your MINI.


- Refinance your MINI..


- Keep your MINI.


- Return your MINI.

MINI Standard Plan
MINI Standard Plan

One for freedom lovers- and the ideal way to get in the driving seat with a lower initial deposit. Choose your MINI, your deposit and a payment term of upto 84 months:

- If you would like a low down payment


- If you want term loan flexibility (upto 84 months).


- If you want a steady monthly outflow of low payments with fixed interest.

MINI Balloon Plan
MINI Balloon Plan

The one where you set the pace. Decide how high your payments are by choosing a contract between 12 and 60 months. You can also reduce it further with a one-off down payment.

- If you want to lower the regular monthly payment.


- If you would prefer a lower down payment.


- If you want to sell or upgrade your car at the end of the tenure.

MINI Bullet Plan
MINI Bullet Plan

A MINI Bullet Plan allows you to lower your regular EMIs by paying specified higher amounts at fixed intervals during the loan tenue. An ideal plan if you are expecting an increase in your paying capacity at certain points.

- If there are spurts in your income (e.g. annual bonus) at predetermined intervals.


- If you want lower monthly payments.

MINI Step-Up Plan
MINI Step-Up Plan.

Choose to lower your regular EMIs at present by choosing the Step-Up Plan and paying higher EMIs in the future.

- If you anticipate a steady increase in the income.


- If you want to lower the short term cash outflow.

MINI Step- Down Plan
MINI Step- Down Plan.

Your plan of choice if you want to lower the financial burden over the loan tenure. Pay higher EMIs at present and lower EMIs in the future. Ideal if you have a high monthly disposable income but wish to provide for future contingency.

- If you want to lower the financial burden over the loan tenure.


- If you have a high monthly disposable income but wish to provide for future contingency.


The one where you get to customise your monthly payments as per your requirement within the approved framework.

- If you wish to have a unique plan suiting your individual needs.


- If you have a fluctuating disposable income over the loan tenure.

Interest Rates Offered

Interest Rates
Interest Rates

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