MINI Service Inclusive and Warranty Extension. Driving thrills guaranteed.

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MINI Service Inclusive.

Only nice surprises should come with MINI. And with MINI Service Inclusive packages, there’s no need to worry about unexpected bills landing at your feet. Depending on the package you choose, a one-off cost covers maintenance work and wear-and-tear repairs for a period you choose. And it’s valid at MINI Service Centres worldwide. Total control of costs for you, the best of care for your precious MINI.

  • Pay a one-off cost, rather than a bill for every service.
  • Choose a package for 3, 5 or 6 years and up to 90,000 km, 70,000 km or 110,000 km respectively.
  • Includes MINI Original Parts and labour.
  • Full MINI service history enhances resale value.
  • Fully transferable if you sell your MINI.
  • Services valid worldwide.
Protect your MINI.

Ask your dealer about the perfect package for you, or use our calculator to work out how much MINI Service Inclusive would cost for your MINI.

MINI Service Inclusive. MINI Cooper S.

your service. your choice.

Standard vehicle check in accordance with MINI service booklet.
Engine oil change, including oil filter and vehicle check.
Servicing/replacement of air filter, microfilter, spark plugs, brake fluid.
Maintenance/servicing of brake pads, front and rear.
Maintenance/servicing of brake discs, front and rear.
Maintenance/servicing of clutch in the event of wear and tear.
Replacement of windscreen wiper rubbers/blades (as part of engine oil change, if necessary).

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Keep a good thing going.

Extend your warranty and keep enjoying peace of mind with the MINI Follow-on Warranty. You can now drive for three, four or even five years with complete piece of mind. It covers 100% of all costs for parts and labour and is valid throughout India.

MINI Warranty Extension Packages.
For 3 years

With a mileage of 50,000, 60,000 or 90,000 km.


For 4 years

With a mileage of 80,000 km.


For 5 years

With a mileage of 50,000 or 90,000 km.

Your benefits.
  • Adapt MINI Warranty packages to your needs by choosing the duration and the mileage.
  • MINI Warranty Services give you the benefit of MINI Original Parts, the expertise of MINI Service staff, and fast handling – with incurring any costs.
  • MINI Warranty Extension Packages are transferrable to the next owner – a valuable selling point if you can bear to part with yours.
MINI Follow-on Warranty. MINI 3-Door Hatch.
MINI Services. MINI 3-Door Hatch.
Need more information?

For more details or to book a service, contact your MINI dealer.